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Puerto Calero 

Puerto Calero is a purpose built, classy upmarket marina village. Some of the boats in the marina will be eye-popingly expensive! There are some nice café/restaurant/bars alongside the waterside.

A water taxi will take you at modest cost to the harbour at Puerto del Carmen.

A tourist curiosity here is the Yellow Submarine, exactly what it says on the tin. I have been on this and whilst I expected some sort of submarine look alike with a glass bottom (a glass bottomed boat if you like), in fact it is the real deal and does seal the hatches and submerge. It is all well controlled with a safety boat above. Nevertheless, it is a strange feeling when they shut the hatch and dive. My hat is off to genuine sub-mariners.

To be honest, the submerged sights were a bit underwhelming. A few non-descript fish and a sunken (probably on purpose) “wreck”. Still, it was worth it for the experience. Yellow Submarine ‘T’ shirts and your photo available.

Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero marina

Puerto Calero marina

Puerto Calero Yellow Submarine

Inside Yellow Submarine


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