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Puerto del Carmen 

The closest resort to the airport and the main one of the island. Its main beach, Playa Grande, is purported to be the largest on the island. It certainly has its share of parasols! It is the place if you want a lively nightlife. Lots of activities. There are also a fair number of larger shops/department stores.

The harbour and the houses immediately behind it are the most attractive part of the resort. The central part is a disappointment and an example of how not to design a resort! Where you might expect to find a promenade, there is a series of unexpcted dead ends. The main strip of bars/tourist shops are alongside a busy main road through the resort - not my idea of a pleasant spot to enjoy a beer or a meal. Not a place to my taste I am afraid.

A water taxi runs from here to Puerto Calero and back at modest cost and is well worth the trip.

There is also an attractive walk from Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero

Puerto del Carmen beach

Puerto del Carmen marina

Puerto del Carmen marina

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