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Walking Routes From Happy Hiker

Happy Hiker gives simple to follow, totally free, walk directions, including GPS downloads and gives basic advice on a variety of walking issues.

Please note, I do not accept payment for my route information but if you think them worthy and would instead contribute to a worthwhile charity, see my Blog page.

Detailed list of Ordnance Survey Maps

Walks will be added as I undertake them. Keep checking the site for updates. Alternatively, register with X (previously Twitter)/Facebook and "follow/Like" me to be automatically notified. Scroll down for links.

Latest walks added:

Morte Point and Bull Point (Devon)

Valley of Rocks (Devon - Exmoor)

Baggy Point (Devon)


To ensure accuracy of my walk descriptions, I walk the routes and make detailed notes along the way. I make it clearly identifiable where they start, parking availability, what maps you need and strategic Ordnance Survey (OS) reference points. However, no-one is infallible and you are advised to carry an Ordnance Survey map and verify the route for yourself.


The majority of my walks are in Yorkshire, especially Yorkshire Dales walks but I also have included what I think are some of the best Lake District walks.  I add walks in other areas as the fancy takes me or according to where I go on holiday. See My Walks for details.


I have also included my take on practical advice on a variety of things such as navigating with map and compass (see Finding Your Way and Choosing Equipment).


Although to enjoy safe and comfortable walking a certain amount of expenditure on equipment is necessary, once this is purchased it is essentially a free pastime apart from any transport costs. It is beneficial to physical and mental health and leaves you feeling generally uplifted hence the title of this walking website.


I am not normally in the business of recommending any brands in particular (with odd exceptions), just general principles to follow. Where brands are mentioned, these are mainly by way of illustration.


Having said that, Britain is very fortunate in having the best mapping resource in the world, namely maps produced by the Ordnance Survey (OS). The best resource you can have for walking is a 1:25000 scale OS map. They give information on many more walking routes in an area than any book of equivalent cost. They can be folded to show the area of your walk and protected inside a map case.  Some think they are expensive but in reality they cost less than a couple of rounds of drinks for two. Looked after they can last years and are very good value for money. A direct link to the relevant map is shown with each walk or see a full list of the 1:25000 range.


Above all, enjoy your walking and discovering some wonderful corners of this green and pleasant land. For each walk I describe, I have included photos I took along the way.


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All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.