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At some point in the evolution of this site, I introduced a Feedback Form, hoping to make it easy for visitors to my site to comment on walks they had done, should they wish to do so. However, experience has shown that the vast majority prefer to send an email and that sometimes, the proforma approach does not cater for sufficient eventualities. I have therefore decided to discontinue the Feedback Form.

If you would like to comment on any walks, or any other issues pertaining to the site, please use the email address below.

In that context, clearly I cannot repeatedly re-walk all the walks to check the directions are current and sometimes "stuff happens". For example, in 2018, on one walk, I used a radio mast as a landmark and referred to a fingerpost. Unbeknown to me, the radio mast had been subsequently demolished and the fingerpost had rotted off, thus causing confusion. Fortunately, someone emailed to let me know, so I was able to permanently amend the directions in respect of the radio mast and put a note about the fingerpost. This note turned out to be temporary as someone else told me the fingerpost had been reinstated.

On another occasion, I was re-walking a route and discovered a barn I had used as a waymarker had gone!

I appreciate any feedback which will enable me to amend, correct or amplify any aspects of my directions and so keep the information as relevant as possible for our fellow walkers.

The email address (which you will need to type out as this is an image to reduce spam) is:

All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.