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Swaledale Walks

Swaledale is at the northern extremity of the Yorkshire Dales, named after its river the Swale. This eventually flows into the River Ure. The River Swale has a reputation as one of the fastest rising rivers in the country.

The Dale was famous as a lead mining area and various remains can be seen especially in the Gunnerside area.

Generally, this predominately limestone Dale is more rugged than the others with miles of moorland to explore. Some of the towns and villages have changed very little for decades. There are no large scale towns.

Sheep farming is the main type of farming and a very hardy breed of sheep is named after the Dale (Swaledale). Swaledales produce good flavoured lamb and mutton.

The Coast to Coast walk passes through the Dale.

Swaledale Reading List

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Yorkshire Dales Walks With "Traffic Light" Rating

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Each symbol = 2 miles

The start point for all walks can be located on Google Maps. Click here .

Arkengarthdale from Langthwaite
Fremmington Edge and Langthwaite                Public transport ticket
Gunnerside Round                Public transport ticket
Keld to the Tan Hill Inn                Public transport ticket
Marske Circular      

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