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Blog (2011)

Blog updates are only on an "ad hoc" basis when I have something to say and will not be particularly regular. Latest entries first.

9 July 2011

Well, this summer certainly seems intent on being a washout. I have just come back from 3 weeks in the West Country and the weather was dire. The first week was passable with some outbreaks of sun and I managed to get some coastal walks in but the rest was hopeless. This was especially disappointing for the last week as we had gone to Dartmoor where I have never done any walking. Plotted routes stayed unwalked - call me a wimp if you like but walking in torrential rain is no fun and the weather warnings suggested some areas could even be dangerous. Thank goodness there are plenty of pubs in the area! The bathroom scales are no longer my friend!

28 May 2012

I do not usually mention particular walks on this page but I make an exception here in relation to Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell which I walked on 21 May and now have written up. This was a walk in absolutely perfect conditions and the views in all directions were just - well - fabulous. A friend accompanied me. He writes a journal of his walks and scores them out of 10. He was seriously giving this an 11! I could rabbit on about this walk for ages but will just say to anyone who likes fell walking, on a good weather day, please do this one. This perfect day was rounded off by a wonderful pint in the Hikers Bar.

24 May 2012

I have published the five of my walks in the southern Yorkshire Dales area which seem to be the most popular as a Kindle book. This is a step into the unknown as I do not know whether there will be any demand for this. If there is, I will publish others. For further details, click the symbol

On a different tack, I walked Crinkle Crags and Bow Fell on Monday 21 May. Spectacular does not even cover it! The weather was absolutely perfect. If this is not the best walk in the Lakes, it is well up there. I will get this written up as soon as I can as everyone who enjoys fell walking ought to do this one.

12 May 2012

It has been suggested to me that it might be interesting to have a page to record "daft" things people have seen when out walking - climbing Striding Edge in carpet slippers etc. If anyone has any suitable anecdotes, email to me and if there is enough of interest, I might publish the best.

29 April 2012

Just returned from an enjoyable week in the Lake District. The weather forecasts were pretty dire nationally but we actually had pretty good weather. Sometimes, you just have to go for it!

15 April 2012

There is nothing I like better after a walk than a good pint of real ale. I have always liked Sam Smiths and have been taken aback by the decision of the brewery (or Mr Smith) to do away with hand pumps in favour of electric pumps. In one of their pubs I have regularly used for years, a great pint has been reduced to tasteless, characterless pap which is served far too cold. At a time when real ale is undergoing a renaissance with micro-breweries springing up everywhere, this seems counter intuitive, especially when Sam Smiths prided itself on its real ale credentials when the rest of the world was going keg. I have written to Mr Smith and it will be interesting to see his observations (if he replies).

17 March 2012

Interesting discussion with friends last night about what was enjoyed in sandwiches when walking. To looks of consternation and not a little pity, I imparted that the previous day I had taken Marmite and raw carrot sandwiches on a walk. I think this makes a really tasty snack. I was clearly thought completely mad - but I don't care! I eat cheese with fruit cake too!!

5 March 2012

On Monday 2 January 2012, my wife and I were with a group of friends walking  along the footpath from Hillings Lane, Hawksworth (SE 160425) through a field adjacent to the Hawksworth Equestrian Centre. There were two horses in the field which were obviously boisterous but as they had been put in a field through which the footpath passed we assumed they would not present a hazard.

Our group passed along the footpath keeping close to the wall and four reached the far boundary without incident. Suddenly, one of the horses galloped behind my wife who was about half way along the group and with some force, stuck her left shoulder as it ran past. Because of recent heavy rain, it was very muddy and she was lucky not to slip and fall under the animalís feet. Nevertheless it was a very frightening experience and she was badly shaken. I would add that she was not carrying a rucksack and had no food/sweets etc whose smell might have attracted the animal. None of the group, all of whom are mature and experienced walkers, had done anything to upset the horses or interacted with them in any way.

On 3 January 2011, I reported the incident to Ian Oxley, Public Rights of Way Enforcement Officer at Leeds City Council.


I had to request an update and on 26 January 2012, he reported that there was no requirement for stock to be segregated from a public right of way. He also said that to do so would be detrimental in that vegetation would be unchecked and walkers would be restricted to the recorded width of the path -  which in this case is 3 feet. He confirmed he had sent details of the complaint to Hawksworth  Equestrian Centre and was awaiting their reply.


On 13 February 2012, I was asked for a description of the horse which was supplied to the best of the groupís recollection Ė it was grey.


On 20 February, Mr Oxley reported that the two grey horses there at the time had been removed and had been replaced by five others.


He also commented that:

  • All the horses including the two grey ones are riding horses none of which have shown previous signs of aggression and this would appear to have been an isolated incident;

  • The path is very well used and no other reports of this nature have been received by either him or the equestrian centre;

  • A great many public footpaths cross fields used for the grazing of horses and cattle and there is no requirement for the path to be segregated from the rest of the field. 

I queried what advice, warning or official notice had been given to the keepers of these horses. The response on 22 February 2012 was that he had spoken with the equestrian centre and that my complaint is on file at his office.

The incident is recorded here so that if anything similar happens at this location, those affected are aware of this previous incident. See the precise location of horse attack.

9 February 2012

I have now published my 70th walk. I know many sites have more than this but it is a small milestone for Happy Hiker! I would still welcome more feedback from anyone who follows my directions - either positive - or constructive criticism.

I have had approaches from a couple of people wanting to pay to advertise on Happy Hiker. I would consider setting this up if there was enough interest to make the exercise worthwhile If you have an outdoor related business, accommodation, pub etc that you think might be of interest to walkers.

Most importantly, a petition has been started to protest about the extent to which the Government is proposing to destroy Green Belt land to build houses via the Local Development Frameworks. In Wharfedale for example, the proposals will in effect link Leeds through Guiseley to Menston to Burley-in-Wharfedale in one continuous urbanisation already being dubbed "Leedsford" (Leeds+Bradford). Big expansions are also planned for Ilkley and Addingham. The roads/rail and schools struggle to cope as it is.

28 January 2011

It seems that for weeks now almost every walk has been on grey overcast days however hard I try to co-ordinate with the better weather forecasts. The main frustration is not getting photos which do the landscape justice. It is also extremely wet underfoot. My gaiters are getting a hammering. Still, keep trying!

16 January 2012

Anyone walking in the mountains in snow should know that it is very dangerous to approach too close to a snowy edge in case this is an overhanging cornice. There is also the danger of avalanche and there can be no more dramatic illustration of this than the photo I have added to my Safety Page. I think it is fair to say that anyone stood on top of this incident would have had problems of fairly epic proportions! It also shows that the width of snow at summit edges can be much more than you might expect.

31 December 2011

Happy New Year for 2012 to all visitors to this site. Let us hope the weather soon picks up!

14 December 2011

Pleased to announce that I have now included dynamic Ordnance Survey maps for all walks during a brief lay off from actual hiking following a leg operation.

3 December 2011

I have now completed dynamic Ordnance Survey maps for all the Peak District and Yorkshire Dales walks and I am well on with the Lake District and West Yorkshire ones.

2 December 2011

I have put together a slide show of Lake District photos which I took whilst undertaking 6 of the walks there. It can be viewed via YouTube - click the logo.

6 November 2011

I have now mastered the dark art of producing the routes for my walks as dynamic Ordnance Survey  maps which allow you to pan and zoom. I have started with the Burnsall to Grassington walk which seems to be the most visited and will gradually work through the others. I have not yet decided whether to keep my little sketch maps - feedback of views would be appreciated.

3 November 2011

Weather widgets seem sorted. Went to do the Coledale Round in the Lakes yesterday. Aborted the mission after Grisedale Pike at the hause due to gale force winds. A chap in front of us was literally blown away though was ok.

24 October 2011

Having become a "Twit" by joining Twitter, so those that wanted could be advised when new walks are added, I thought I would do the same with Facebook. I have to say I do not find this user friendly and do not fully understand it. I signed up a little while ago but have not bothered with it much for that reason. However, I thought I would give it another go so would appreciate some friends, assuming I have done it right!

Bathroon is finished - hooray!!!!

18 October 20911

Having broken the back of my bathroom refurbishment, I thought I deserved a holiday so went to the North Yorkshire Moors, staying at Rosedale Abbey - a lovely spot. Two pubs! Between inclement weather, managed to complete 4 nice walks which will be the next publishing project. The first one, the Hole of Horcum is on the site now.

4 October 2011

From time to time, we all get lost on a walk. There are various sources of suggestions as to what to do, some using different acronyms. However, I have yet to see one actually based on the word "Lost" itself so I thought it might be useful to invent one. See "Getting Lost" on the Safety page.

3 October 2011

If you are wondering why there have been no further walks since mid September, this is because I have been engrossed in refurbishing my bathroom - yes in all the recent hot weather! Hopefully normal service will be resumed soon and I can get back to more civilised pastimes!

24 August 2011

I was once frustrated arriving at a destination for a walk, only to find that my pre-planned route was closed for grouse shooting. Not being a shooter, it never occurred to me that the glorious 12th had passed. It seems it would be sensible to have a list of dates published on a website somewhere, to benefit both shooters and walkers alike. Whether you agree with shooting or not, it happens, so it would be sensible for walkers to be warned in advance so they can plan accordingly.

Having searched the web, I came across the Bolton Abbey estate site where they do publish the closures but I could not find any others. If anyone knows of any sites which do have this information, if they could let me know, I will publish the addresses on my footpath closures page.

17 August 2011

For the convenience of visitors to Happy Hiker, I have started an on line store in association with Amazon. The store groups together in one place virtually everything one could need to go hiking. A small commission is payable which I will use to offset the costs of this site. There were a number of options for doing this and indeed I have been approached by different on-line retailers but I have chosen Amazon simply because I have bought all sorts of things from them over the years and have personally been very pleased with their service and their prices.

I have now completed putting the weather forecast on all walks. This will continue to be a feature in future.

Lovely day today so what was I doing -walking? NO!!! - hacking the tiles off my bathroom wall. Yuk!

12 August 2011

Just about finished the Pembrokeshire walks. One more to go then I can get back to the Yorkshire ones. There is a nice one coming up for Crummack dale with the amazing Norber Erratics. Also looking forward to a trip to the Lake District soon. I have promised my wife I will find some lower level "nice" walks (whatever that means) though I would at least like to climb Haystacks as this is one of the few I have never climbed.

Thought it might be useful to put the Met. Office weather forecast on each walk with as near a location to the walk as possible. Working through this - slowly!

4 August 2011

Rain today so gave me a chance to write up some more walks and today I published my only walk in Cornwall so far. Of course I have done many walks in Cornwall in the past but never recorded the detail as this website is a new venture. Still, a good excuse to go back!

1 August 2011

Just wanted to say a thank you to the various people who have been so kind with their positive comments about this website. Considering this is my first venture into creating a website I have been really surprised by how well it has been received. The main difficulty I have is in spreading the word of its existence so that it is a worthwhile exercise so if you have come across it, please tell your walking friends.

Today is Yorkshire day, originated to promote Gods Own County of Yorkshire in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society. Three cheers for Yorkshire! 

22 July 2011

Managed now to have sketch maps on all the PDF documents.

18 July 2011

Currently working my way through the walks to include the sketch map on the PDF versions. Might take a while to finish!

Went up Ingleborough again with friends last Friday. A great day with good views. At the shelter, we were asked by a man holding a coat if anyone had dropped it. The answer was negative but looking through the pockets, the man found an expensive looking mobile phone. the coat probably dropped off a rucksack. He was going to Clapham but we do not know what he intended to do with it. Hope the owner got it back.

11 July 2011

Just returned from a brilliant 3 weeks in North Devon and Pembrokeshire. Got several walks to write up now.

Much to my surprise, the ability to pinpoint locations using Ordnance Survey references is not universal amongst the emergency services. They use postcodes - which is not much use if you have fallen off a hillside somewhere and need an ambulance! The Ramblers are running a campaign to get this rectified - see their 999 Campaign

11 June 2011

Walked round Kinder Scout yesterday - Edale, Jacobs Ladder, Kinder Downfall and Grindsbrook Clough. Grindsbrook Clough would be better named Grindsknees Clough! Even though it is June, got pelted by hailstones - then rain. Bizarre rocks shaped by the elements.  Worst part of the day was the drive through Sheffield. What a maze of unclear junctions and traffic lights!

7 June 2011

Went walking with Mrs K. on Friday and had a nasty moment when she went "splat" on a flat dry road yards from the car. Stunned for a moment or two, other than bruised and grazed knees and face she was ok and even completed the walk. The cause was long loops on the boots (see Safety). What is strange and this happened to me once when I fell abruptly for different reasons and we both experienced the same thing namely that for a few seconds you lie there, immobile, mentally checking your body over to make sure it all still works. She is alright now although the bruises have gone a funny yellow colour!

31 May 2011

Nice walk today around the moors between Wensleydale and Swaledale with my friend Mike Chalk. A bit too much bleak moor walking for me but interesting industrial heritage stuff (mining) and good views across both valleys. Mike gave it 7/10 in his journal! Signed in at the guestbook at Dent's House shooting lodge. Very good and trusting of the owners to make such a facility available to passing walkers. Will write the walk up as soon as I can.

29 May 2011

I don't know about you but I take for granted the ability to don my walking gear and head off into our lovely countryside as the fancy takes me. This extreme good fortune was brought home to me recently when I was asked by the owner of the website Accessible Countryside for Everyone - ACE to keep an eye out for routes which would be suitable for people in wheelchairs or using powered disability scooters and tell the site. I had never heard of this but it made me realise how frustrating it must be for immobile people not to be able to freely access the countryside. I now find myself consciously thinking about this in relation to any routes (or part of routes) I do. The site already has an extensive list of appropriate routes and so far I have not come up with any new ones but I urge everyone to bear this in mind when they are out and about and advise ACE of suitable routes they come across.

Joined Twitter today so hopefully it will be easier to keep people informed when I update this site with new walks.

23 May 2011

I did wonder whether it was worth having a "Blog" page but thought I would give it a whirl. Any updates will be on an "ad hoc" basis and I don't intend to repeat content which is elsewhere on the site. I started this website earlier this year (19 January to be exact), making it up as I went along and have been blown away by the encouragement, kind words and help offered by so many people, either directly via email or in comment on one or two forums where I introduced the site. Some people have even gone to the trouble of pointing out the odd mistake such as spelling for which I am very grateful so thanks. I have tried very hard to avoid errors but no-one is perfect so please keep dragging me back to the straight and narrow.

I have just come back from a short holiday in the South Hams area of Devon, my favorite part of the British coast  and took the opportunity to search out some coastal walks. I will be writing these up over the next week or two.

So that is my first modest entry.


All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.