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Blog (2014)

Blog updates are only on an "ad hoc" basis when I have something to say and will not be particularly regular. Latest entries first.

20 December 2014

Google map exercise now complete (see last two entries below).

18 December 2014

Re entry 1 November 2014 below, I am progressing correcting the Google Map links so that directions to the start point can be obtained. Only Pembrokeshire, Shropshire and West Yorkshire to go.

1 November 2014

Google Maps had a really useful facility whereby a link could be created to a location marker on a map and when a user clicked on this, the location would "pop up" on the map with the option of getting directions. This was useful for finding the start point of walks and locations of accommodation. As I mentioned in the entry below on 20 September 2014, Google's "improvements" have removed that facility and completely ruined a brilliant element of their mapping.

I think I may have found a way round this but it will take some time to correct all the links so please bear with me. I will put the facility on new entries.

26 October 2014

Fame at last! The November 2014 edition of Sainsbury's Magazine has an article about walking by Janet Street-Porter. As an adjunct to this, the Travel Editor, Francesca Syz, has added a piece listing three of the best walking websites. Guess what, Happy Hiker is one of them! Clearly Sainsbury's Magazine is a publication of taste!

20 September 2014

Google have changed the way their maps operate. Better in some ways but worse as far as my needs are concerned. Now when visitors to my site click on icons to find the start point of walks or locations for accommodation, instead of getting the relevant pushpin popping up automatically, they have to scroll through a list on the left and click the relevant entry. There seems no way round this. I have written to Google about this but why would they take notice of what matters to little me!

18 September 2014

An action group are trying to get a track from East Busk Lane, Otley to the disused railway line at Old Pool bank designated as a Right of Way, so enabling a nice circular walk. If you have used this in the last 20 years, please contact Douglas.Louis@leeds.gov.uk .

16 June 2014

Back home following heart surgery. If anyone is interested, I have set up a separate blog page to record my recuperation as it is a period of months rather than weeks and it will be some time before I get hiking properly again. See My Cabbage and I (all will be revealed).

27 May 2014

On 16 May 2014, I went into Leeds General Infirmary for a routine heart procedure (stent). It transpired that the particular location could not be stented and that I needed a bypass operation. Moreover, my condition is such that it would be dangerous to go home so I am stuck in LGI awaiting surgery. Now I have internet access, I might start a blog on my progress.

8 May 2014

Interesting to see that Blencathra (Saddleback) in the lake District has been put up for sale to meet inheritence tax liabilities. The walk up Sharp Edge to its summit is one of my favourite walks. A campaign has been launched to try to raise funds by voluntary subscription to buy the mountain for the Nation. The present owner just wants to sell but the mountain needs to be owned by someone who will sensibly manage it, not just any Tom, Dick, Oleg or Vladimir! The logical outfit would be the National Trust, who own lots of bits of the Lake District already. If you can help, see Friends of Blencathra for details.

15 April 2014

I see new access rights now exist for two stretches of the England Coast Path. between Allonby and Whitehaven in Cumbria, and between North Gare in Hartlepool and South Bents in Sunderland in the North East. See Natural England website for details.

5 April 2014

I ordered an OS map from Amazon on Wednesday 2 April 2014, late afternoon. It arrived the next day, without any special delivery requests! How good is that!

Had a bumper crop of visitors to this site in March. Highest figures yet at 40k. I hope this means people are finding the site useful. Feedback appreciated.

30 January 2014

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) have launched a campaign to try to get Government to use brownfield sites for housing before building all over the countryside.

3 January 2014

Now up to 149 walks. The second half of the year has been a bit low on the walk front due to family illness issues, resulting in holiday curtailment but I am hoping things will be on a more even keel now. I certainly would like to pass 200 walks recorded by the end of the year.

I am pleased with visitor numbers which are substantially up on 2012 and contrary to my expectations have not dipped as much as I expected when we got to November/December. This is partly due to interest in the Lanzarote walks as folk are obviously planning their winter breaks. December's numbers were even higher than November and are averaging nearly 26,000 per month.

I keep getting pestered by sites wanting totally unrelated inks. The latest was an American airline company which only dealt with flights inside the US. Although reciprocal links were offered, there was no links/resources page on their site and in any case, why would any visitor to either site be interested in the other? The logic defeats me.

All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.