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 Hebden to Grassington and Yarnbury Henge

Starting point  and OS Grid reference:

Road parking in Hebden village outside the Methodist Chapel             (SE 027630)

Ordnance Survey Map
OL2 Yorkshire Dales – Southern and Western.

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Distance: 6.4 miles Date of Walk: 21 September 2014


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780ft (238m)
787ft (240m)

Traffic light rating:    Green Green Green

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Yorkshire Dales walk Hebden to Grassington and Yarnbury Henge - sketch map

To view route as a dynamic Ordnance Survey map click here.

Introduction: The usual variation on this circular walk is to walk from Hebden up the course of Hebden Beck and via the old mine works across to Yarnbury then by one of several possibilities to Grassington and finally back along the river Wharfe to Hebden. However because of limited time on the day I went, I needed something a little shorter (for the same reason, I avoided the temptations of Grassington centre). I had always been intrigued by the notation of a “Henge” (SE 014654) on the OS map close to Yarnbury and this was an ideal opportunity to investigate. So often the subject of these historic notations on maps proves elusive but in this case there actually was something to see. Don’t get carried away - this is no “Stonehenge” (not even close) but interesting nevertheless.

The walk also incorporates the very attractive return walk along the River Wharfe passing Linton Falls.

Refreshments are available in Grassington at a variety of pubs/cafes, at the Clarendon Hotel in Hebden and at The Old School Tea Rooms also in Hebden.

The walk starts outside the Methodist chapel in the small village of Hebden where the road is wide enough to park and there are benches convenient for boot changing. Hebden is on the B6265 between Grassington and Pately Bridge. Turn south into the village off this road and the chapel is on the right after a couple of hundred yards.

View down Wharfedale

Start: Facing the chapel, turn right and walk through the village to the B6265. Cross and stay on the main tarmac lane straight ahead for just over half a mile. By some holiday cottages, follow the track as it bends left and look out for a two way fingerpost for Tinkers Lane and Garnshaw (SE 024641). Turn left for Garnshaw.

Follow the wall along and through the small walker’s gate at the end. Bear slightly right and go over the small wooden stile. In the next field and bear right heading towards a gate in the wall, to the right of which is a stone step stile.

Climb the next field and cross the wooden stile about half way along the boundary then through the gated stone step stile in the wall ahead. The path beyond here is a little indistinct as it crosses rough open pasture but just climb towards the power pole in the centre of the horizon straight ahead (if this description leaves you wondering which of two poles is meant, go for the one to the right).

By the power pole, you reach a broad track (SE 019641). Go across this to the gated stile ahead. There is a slit stile here too. The gated stile you want is about 50 yards to its right. Through this and bear right at about 45 °, to the ladder stile and bear right again once over it. Go over another ladder stile and head towards the ‘T’ junction of walls ahead. Cross the gated stone step stile just to the right of the ‘T’.and follow the wall along on your left, crossing another gated stile.


Continue to follow the wall as it turns sharp left (SE 015653). The farmstead of Yarnbury is visible ahead. After just under 200 yards, go left through a gated stile and immediately on your left is the circular mound of The Henge (SE014654).

Yarnbury Henge

Keep straight ahead bearing right to the corner of the field where there is a stile which puts you on to the road (SE 012653). Turn left and walk along the road for 450 yards or so before turning off to the right on to a footpath indicated by a fingerpost for Grassington (SE 010650).

View over Wharfedale and Grassington

Follow the obvious path downhill passing to the right of a stone barn. After going through a gate, the path becomes a walled lane. As it reaches another broad track, go straight ahead through a stile at which point, the path becomes a narrow fenced/walled path which opens into Bank Lane. Follow this down to the road junction and turn right (if you wish to visit the centre of Grassington, you should turn left here. Afterwards you can either return to this spot or make your way to Linton Falls via the main Grassington car park – SE 003638).

Back to the intended route - follow the road round as it bends left passing the house “Scaw Ghyll”. At the road junction (SD 999644), go straight ahead on to the track fingerposted for Grassington Bridge.

As you enter a field, head for the gate half way down the opposite side (SD 998641). Through this, keep left and follow the narrow strip of field to Grassington Bridge. At the bridge turn left then immediately right to follow the river footpath (fingerpost Hebden 2 miles Burnsall 3 miles).

Weir and sluce between Grassington and Linton

Weir at Linton Falls

It is now a matter of following the river footpath to Hebden. It does briefly exit into a road via a gated step stile (SE 006634). Turn right past the fish farm to rejoin the path be the river.

Peaceful River Wharfe scene

Hebden suspension bridge

Stay on the riverbank until as you approach Hebden suspension footbridge, a path turns off to the left (SE 026624). Take this to the road and turn right. Go over the river bridge then turn left in the direction of the fingerpost for Hebden  ½ mile. The path passes between the two bungalows (SE 027624).

Keep straight ahead at the fish farm crossing the stream by the single slab bridge. The path now follows the left hand bank of Hebden Beck before rising to the road opposite the Methodist Chapel where you started.

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