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Lanzarote Walk - Playa Quemada to Puerto del Carmen

Starting point:

Playa Quemada – Large rough parking area in the village centre.


I have found this to be the best map for both walking routes and driving, from Discovery Walking Guides Ltd

Lanzarote Tour and Trail Map 1:40,000 scale


Distance: 9 miles or 6.5 miles – see text.

Traffic light rating:    



(For explanation see My Walks page)

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Lanzarote walk Playa Quemada to Puerto del Carmen - sketch map

Introduction: This Lanzarote walk is along the southern coastal cliffs and starts in the small relatively unspoiled village of Playa Quemada with its black sand beach. It is an easy walk along a clearly defined coastal cliff path. It can be treated as a linear “there and back” walk with an overall distance of about 9 miles. However, the walk passes through Puerto Calero, an upmarket marina and there is a regularly running water taxi which for only a few Euros will take you to Puerto del Carmen (about 15/20 minutes). This is a pleasant interlude and the option I chose to avoid too much covering of the same ground. The overall walking distance is then about 6.5 miles.

If you wanted a longer day, you could combine these walks with my walk to the Hidden Garden of Casita.

There are plenty of bars/restaurants in Puerto Calero and Puerto del Carmen so you almost do not need to carry provisions but I would still take some water and the usual sun protection.

There are also a couple of bars/restaurants at Playa Quemada.

The first section of the walk from Playa Quemada to Puerto Calero is a dry dusty affair, albeit with the dramatic Los Ajaches mountains as a backdrop and the waves on the other side. The most pleasant section is that from Puerto del Carmen back to Puerto Calero.

Obviously different permutations of walks are possible along this route.

To get to Playa Quemada, turn south off the LZ 2 (signposted). The walk starts from the large earth parking area on the right just as you turn into the village (where the dustbins are).

Playa Quemada

Start: From the parking area, walk back along the road (Ave. Maritima). At the junction with the road where you turned right into the village, turn right (Calle Fuentecita) and walk along behind the houses which front the sea. Turn right where the house on the corner is called Pura Vida. Walk along to the end of the straight section of this road, where it bends right, the coast path is visible straight ahead here.

Simply follow the path until you get to Puerto Calero then walk along the promenade to the impressive marina. If taking the ferry, this is on the right as you get to the marina.

Approachinh Puerto Calero

Marina at Puerto Calero

If walking the whole way, walk along the edge of the marina and cut through the gate into the car park to go around the boatyard and carry on the coast path to Puerto del Carmen. You cannot really miss the path.

Harbour at Puerto del Carmen

If taking the ferry, when it docks at Puerto del Carmen, see what you want of the town then rejoin the coast path for the return by walking along the boardwalk at the north of the marina. You climb a zig-zag stairway with chains for a handrail and at the top, carry on along the coast path.

Bourgainvillia at Puerto del Carmen

This is the nicest section of the walk. The path is well manicured and there are benches and even picnic tables along the way.

Path Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero

As one point you have to do a small detour down into the Barranco de Quiquere but this is no big deal.

Barranco Quiquere

Continue to Puerto Calero then retrace your steps to Playa Quemada.

Playa Quemada

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