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Lanzarote Walk - La Geria and Montana Tinasoria

Starting point:

Roadside parking by the LZ-30 just north east of Uga


I have found this to be the best map for both walking routes and driving, from Discovery Walking Guides Ltd

Lanzarote Tour and Trail Map 1:40,000 scale


Distance: 4.6 miles

Traffic light rating:    

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La Geria walk sketch map

Introduction: La Geria is the principal wine growing area of Lanzarote, east of the town of Uga and characterised by the way the vines are grown individually, in depressions, surrounded by low walls, generally circular.  The vines are grown in the volcanic “lapilli” which covered around one third of the island following the eruptions of 1730 to 1736. The walls protect the vines from the worst of the drying winds, which are almost constant. The practice of growing in the depressions ensures that any moisture is directed to the vines.

The preponderance of the structures makes for dramatic vistas. Judging from their gnarled nature, some of the vines are very old.

Montaña Tinasoria rising to just over 500 metres (1640 ft) provides for a pleasant circular walk around the rim of a long extinct volcano. The crater has also been cultivated for vines.

The views from the summit are spectacular ranging from the village of Playa Quemada to Arricefe along the coast and over the pleasant hilltop village of Femes to the south west. To the north are good views over the main volcanic area of the island.

The walking is straightforward, initially and on the return, via the dirt road Camino de la Calderetal. Indeed, it is possible to drive along this road although this would miss out on the opportunity to have a good look at the viticulture.

If you are into “peak bagging”, Montaña Guardilama provides an additional challenge and is opposite Montaña Tinasoria, with the route clearly visible, off the Camino de la Calderetal.

The starting point for the walk is east from the LZ-30 just north east of the town of Uga. There is rough roadside parking by a notice board and fingerposts. If travelling by bus, alight in Uga and walk the half a mile from the centre.

Start: From the LZ-30, walk along the broad track, heading east.

start of the La Geria and Montana Tinasoria walk

La Geria viticulture

La Geria viticulture and Montana Guardilama

Pass two red kilometre posts marking the 50 and 51 kilometre points along the GR 131. After the 50 kilometre post, you come to an information board which tells you about the La Geria area. This was broken off its post when I passed and was propped up by the side of the track.

GR 131 marker post

After a series of ‘S’ bends, through which the track gently climbs, you come to the col between Montaña Tinasoria and Montaña Guardilama. From here you first catch sight of the expansive view along the east coast from the Puerto Calero to Arrecife. There is a two way fingerpost here pointing back the way you have come to Uga and Yaiza and onward to La Asomada, Conil and Montaña Blanca.

Panoramic view from the col to Puerto Del Carmen

If you want the extra challenge of the climb Montaña Guardilama, this is to your left and the path to the summit is obvious. I suggest you do this first, then come back to this point. If you follow my route clockwise round Montaña Tinasoria, you will then have to retrace your steps on the main track to Montaña Guardilama. Also, the anti-clockwise route round Montaña Tinasoria is not as easy to find.

The path up Montaña Tinasoria leaves the main track opposite the two way fingerpost (to the right as you first approached it). It climbs gently to the summit, passing ruined pink farm buildings. Keep left as the track divides just beyond.

Ruined farm building

Arriving at the summit, there are a few useful rocks where you can enjoy a picnic. There are good views in all directions.

Summit ridge

View towards Arricefe

View from the summit to Femes

Caldera Riscado

Follow the obvious path along the summit ridge, which is marked by a few stone cairns to begin with. Follow the ridge as it curves right, gradually descending.

You arrive at a cultivated area with a wire fence. Turn left here.

After 100 yards or so, the path turns right to descend between the vines. The route of the path is fairly obvious. It drops you down back to the main track. Turn left here to retrace your steps to the road.

Lonely tree

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