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Lanzarote Walk - El Golfo and Charco de los Clicos 

Starting point:

El Golfo – Large car park on the edge of the village.


I have found this to be the best map for both walking routes and driving, from Discovery Walking Guides Ltd

Lanzarote Tour and Trail Map 1:40,000 scale


Distance: 6.6 miles

Traffic light rating:  

(For explanation see My Walks page)

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Lanzarote walk El Golfo and Charco de los Clicos - sketch map

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Introduction: El Golfo is a small fishing village on the rocky volcanic west coast of Lanzarote. It has a number of restaurants which line the coastal side of the road where one can enjoy a meal or a drink watching the waves pound the coast. There is nothing to the west until you get to America so there is nothing to temper the full force of the Atlantic. In consequence, waves crash into the land. In addition to sun protection and water, the other essential is to ensure your camera is fully charged for I defy anyone to complete this walk without spending some time trying to catch a shot of the perfect splash!

For the same reason, although this walk is only some 6.5 miles, it is likely to take longer than you expect. In addition to the waves, you are likely to be distracted by the sculptures formed by the volcanic lava.

The route has been created across the lava and is therefore mostly easy to follow and in places, is marked by lines of small boulders at the edge. There is not really anywhere else to go. An odd stretch is less clear but if you look carefully, I doubt you will have a problem finding it. It is important not to leave the path as in addition to the distinct danger of tripping and injuring yourself, there are bubbles in the lava. You will probably spot one of these as I did next to the path. It must have been 15+feet deep and 20/30 ft wide. The top overhung so anyone falling in would never get out without ropes/ladders, even assuming they survived the fall.

Charco de los Clicos is a very unusual lagoon. Its waters are coloured a vivid green by Ruppia-Maritima algae and its setting in black sand and with red cliffs around make for an outstanding spectacle. As a result, it is on all the tourist bus trips. You could park and do the walk from here but you are likely to find yourself wandering along with large parties. In any case in my opinion, the best view of the lagoon is from a viewing area above it. I have therefore started this walk from El Golfo but begin with a short diversion to look down on the lagoon.

The walk starts at a large car park at the entrance to El Golfo village. In the unlikely event that this is full, there is another car park at the other end of the village or street parking.

To get to El Golfo, take the LZ 702 from Femes or the LZ 704 from Yaiza.

There are no refreshment opportunities during the walk other than your packed lunch.

El Golfio

Start: Begin in the car park and with your back to the road, go straight ahead. Follow the roped walkway to the Charco de los Clicos viewing area – only a couple of hundred yards.

Charco de los Clicos

Return to the car park and walk along the road through the village. The start of the footpath is at the end of the road.

Montana de Pedro Perico


Section of well marked path          Lava tube

Lava bubble

Follow the footpath across the lava field and eventually it drops down to a wide dirt road. Turn left here and follow it down to Playa del Paso. This is a good stop for your sandwiches and a drink whist you sit and watch the waves. A sign says no picnicking!

Track to Playa del Paso

Playa del Paso

Return to the spot where you joined the dirt road and follow it straight ahead (do not take the route to Playa del Cochino). The dirt road passes a barrier and the “devil” sign of the Tymanfaya National Park.

Stay on the road as it passes an impressive villa on the left. Just after this, come to an unusual pair of white gateposts and turn right immediately after these.

White gateposts

Follow the dirt road until it joins the LZ 702. Turn right to return to El Golfo -  about half a mile. It is a fairly quiet road and for much of its length, you can walk on the scrubland at its side.

El Golfio

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