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 Public Transport Walks in East Yorkshire

It may well be possible to do any of my walks using public transport if you are prepared to walk far enough from the last point where public transport connects. However, one has to be reasonable and I have only listed below those of my Yorkshire Dales walks where access is sensibly feasible. How feasible depends on timing and where you are starting from and a useful tool for working out your public transport journey is http://www.yorkshiretravel.net

Walk Title

Public Transport Option

Bishop Wilton to Millington Bishop Wilton is served by buses running from York to Pocklington.
Flamborough Head Danes Dyke is just off the B1255 Bridlington to Flamborough road and can be accessed by buses from Bridlington which use this route.
Fridaythorpe Walk Fridaythorpe is on the main A166 and can be accessed by public transport directly from Driffield and Malton 
Market Weighton to Londesborough and Goodmanham Market Weighton is on the main York to Hull bus route so access should be easy.
North Dalton Circular North Dalton is on the main Pocklington/Driffield bus route.
Settrington Served by buses from Malton
Water Wold walk Warter is on the B1246 between Pocklington and Driffield and buses run between the two, through Warter. Pocklington can be accessed by bus from York.


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