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Different schools of thought on this. Some prefer one pair and some a thin base pair as well in the belief that it prevents blisters and aids cushioning. If going for option 2, the base pair need to be seam free. The thickness of the socks obviously has a bearing too.

Modern socks are usually made of a synthetic looped pile material.

The outer (or only pair) should have heel/toe padding incorporated. Knee length socks will keep you warmer in winter and protect from chafing which might occur if you wear gaiters.

It is customary to wear knee length socks outside the trousers. This prevents draughts, entry of ticks (see Safety Page) and on a simply practical level, keeps the bottoms of your trousers cleaner.

My personal preference is for two pairs in winter with leather boots and one pair in summer with fabric boots.

Visit the Happy Hiker  Hiking Store to buy hiking socks.

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