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Blog (2013)

Blog updates are only on an "ad hoc" basis when I have something to say and will not be particularly regular. Latest entries first.

21 November 2013

Been laid low with Campylobacter for a cople of weeks courtesy of an Asian restaurant in Bradford (99% sure it was them anyway). I think that is the most ill I have ever been and the moral is to check the "Score on the Doors" at your local council when eating out. Had I doen so here, I would have discovered the score for food hygene was "Fair" and the confidence in management was "Some". Very reassuring! Overall score was 3/5. Antibiotics seem to have sorted me out and desperate to get back out there with my boots on.

Been having a look at my website statistics and clearly from end September onwards is the time everyone books their Canary Island holidays. The views of my Lanzarote pages have been amazing. The Lanzarote Walks page would probably be the third most visited page, if just counted from the begining of October. I look forward to some feeedback.

29 October 2013

So Lonely Planet have just voted Yorkshire the third best place IN THE WORLD! Only third? The accolade comes as no surprise to those of us born, bred and living here. Evidently we were beaten by Sikkim (a Himalayan area of India) and Kimberley (Western Australia). With La Tour De France kicking off here next year and this report, I can see 2014 being a little busy!

19 October2013

I have just discovered that a new long distance footpath is in course of preparation with a view to it being fully open in 2014. This is the South Yorkshire Way.

14 September 2013

A little while ago, I decided to include some of the walks I had done in Lanzarote on Happy Hiker. As they are a little out of place on a UK walking website, I did not really expect a great deal of interest, not least because I never thought of Lanzarote as a walking destination especially. I have been amazed how much interest there has been in this section.

11 August 2013

Thought I would publish another Kindle Book, this time with the idea that there would be a pub roughly half way round because I enjoy a pint and I know others do too. Many pubs these days are stocking beers from micro breweries. Lots of these are really tasty and characterful. Long may this continue!

17 July 2013

After years of neglect by Bradford Council, the stepping stones at Burley-in-Wharfedale, West Yorkshire have been repaired. It is always a bit of a lottery as to whether these will be above the water but when the river is low, they provide more options for walks from this village. I am in the process of writing up a walk I did over them on Monday.

8 July 2013

Just got back from holiday in Cornwall and Dartmoor so will be posting some walks from there over the next two or three weeks. This is the first time I have walked on Dartmoor and it is a fascinating place. Lots of ancient "stuff" around - hut circles, stone circles etc.

28 May 2013

Just completed writing up the third of my walks in Shropshire - Wenlock Edge. This was my first trip to the county other than previously "passing through" and I was impressed with its picturesque nature and tranquility. There is quite a mixture of walking from moorland on the Long Mynd to limestone scenery on Wenlock Edge, all within a few miles. There are also lots of historic sites to see and Stokesay Castle at Craven Arms is quite something. 

30 April 2013

I am amazed how many vague/spurious/non-relevant requests I get for links, despite what I think are clear instruction on my Links page. I keep trying to clarify these instructions. These requests just waste everyones' time. How hard can it be? I am happy to consider genuine links, especially on a reciprocal basis, but if you are not up-front about to what you want me to link, don't be surprised if you never get a reply!

28 March 2013

A friend of mine thought he should do something to improve his more or less non-existent map reading skills before he ventured into wilder parts so very sensibly went on a map-reading course. Telling me about it on his return, the instructor was evidently very dismissive of GPS satellite receivers. I cannot understand this because surely any aid to navigation is beneficial (providing of course basic compass/map abilities are not ignored). If caugth in a whiteout or low cloud suddenly, a GPS receiver would tell you where you were even if you were not using it to follow the route. You could then use the compass from that point. No doubt when compasses represented new technology some were equally dismissive of them - but they seemed to catch on!

18 February 2013

It might seem a bit strange to find the Canary Island of Lanzarote hiding amongst the list on the My Walks page on what is otherwise an exclusively UK related site. However, I have visited this island two or three times over the years to top up the vitamin D and despite its somewhat bleak initial appearance, the more I visit, the more I warm to it. I cannot just lie by a pool all day for days on end so have explored it quite a bit and done a few walks there now, some of which I have decided to share. For anyone reading this who has not been, been put off by others or put off by the (unjust) "Lanzargrotty" nickname, I say put your preconceptions on one side and give it a try. You could be pleasantly surprised.

17 January 2013

The Tour de France is to start in my home town of Leeds on 5 July 2014 and over the 5th July will head through the Yorkshire Dales (Otley, Ilkley, Skipton, Kettlewell, Hawes, Ripon and Harrogate), passing within half a mile of my front door! On 6th July, it starts in York and journeys to Sheffield (York, Knaresborough, Keighley, Haworth, Hebden Bridge, Huddersfield, Holmfirth and Sheffield). This will be a huge boost for Yorkshire but for anyone planning to visit to do any walking and not interested in cycling, these are probably dates to avoid! Also, accommodation may be in short supply.

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