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Conversion of Ordnance Survey Dynamic Maps on Happyhiker.co.uk

Regular visitors to my site will be aware that I announced that I would be losing the Dynamic OS map facility in Autumn 2021 because Ordnance Survey were retiring the Open Space (as it was called) facility. The replacement (Open Data) system relied on coding knowledge, of which I have none. Despite various email to and from Ordnance Survey, the new system was incomprehensible to me. I had therefore resigned myself to simply deleting all these pages, after Autumn 2021. The main walk description pages are unaffected.

Galloping to the rescue came Geoff from the website  Backpacking in Britain. To cut a long story short, Geoff who understands the coding has been good enough to give of his time, to examine the way my website works and after a few emails and trial and error has sorted things out for me. I now have an HTML template of which I understand just enough to, in effect, 'fill in the blanks' and so maintain the facility. This is a template I shall guard very carefully!

In fact, the new arrangements are an improvement because you can now zoom in to 1:25000 scale OS maps. See my Baildon Moor to Hawksworth walk as an example.

As I came late to the party and as there are 350+ walks on my site, I have been unable to be able to switch them all over to the new system before the old one was switched off on 31 August 2021 but it is my priority project. It is quite time consuming in that amending the code for each walk has to be done very carefully. Even a punctuation mark mistake means it will not work. Please note, delay in switching over will not affect the function of the .gpx files which will continue to be available via the .gpx links.

You can tell which ones have been swapped over as the start point is shown thus  . The unconverted walks will simply display a blank box and/or a message indicating the 'API'  has been switched off.

I am extremely grateful to Geoff and if you use these maps, you should be too! Please visit his site, Backpacking in Britain. As the name suggests it is a mine of information for those backpacking in the UK, with information about gear, tech, wild camping and trip reports.


Progress So Far

1) Walks newly added to the website are being upgraded as published.

2) For update on older walks by area see below.

Anglesey Walks Completed 21/9/21
Ceredigon Walks
Cornwall Walks Completed 19/9/21
Cotswolds Walks Completed 19/9/21
County Durham Walks
Derbyshire - Peak District Walks Completed 1/8/21
Devon Walks
Dorset Walks Completed 19/9/21
East Yorkshire (or East Riding) and Yorkshire Wolds Walks Completed 30/8/21
Lake District Walks Completed 16/7/21
Lancashire Walks Completed 31/8/21
Lanzarote Walks Not applicable
Lincolnshire Walks Completed 19/9/21
Llŷn (or LLeyn) Peninsula Walks Completed 19/9/21
North York Moors Walks Completed 29/8/21
Northumberland Walks Completed 2/9/21
Other Cumbria Walks Completed 19/9/21
Other North Yorkshire Walks Completed 17/8/21
Pembrokeshire Walks Completed 20/9/21
Powys Walks Completed 19/9/21
Shropshire Walks Completed 19/9/21
Somerset Walks
Staffordshire Walks Completed 19/9/21
West Yorkshire Walks Completed 24/8/21
Yorkshire Dales Walks Completed 07/07/2021
Total completed, including new walks in various areas 308    (Remaining 38)



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