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5 Walks In The Yorkshire Dales


Wensleydale Walks

"Wensleydale" covers an area in the Yorkshire Dales but also extends into North Yorkshire. Others may differ but I have defined those in the Yorkshire Dales as "Upper Wensleydale" and those in North Yorkshire (but outside the Dales proper) as Lower Wensleydale, treating the River Ure as the indicator of where the Dale lies.

Wensleydale is a lush valley renowned for its dairy produce not least the famous Wensleydale cheese, produced in Hawes. This cheese has been granted Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status, which means that no other cheese-maker outside the area can produce a cheese and call it Yorkshire Wensleydale.

Many families have lived in the Dale for generations and you are likely to hear the local dialect.

Scroll down to see the Wensleydale walks (or walks starting just off Wensleydale).

If you will require Accommodation in the Yorkshire Dales, see Accommodation For Walkers page.

Yorkshire Dales Walks With "Traffic Light" Rating

For an explanation of the "traffic light "rating see My Walks page.

Each symbol = 2 miles

The start point for all walks can be located on Google Maps. Click here .

Upper Wensleydale Walks
Addleborough                       Public transport ticket
Appersett to Mossdale and Cotterdale                Public transport ticket
Aysgarth Falls to Askrigg                Public transport ticket
Aysgarth Moor and Stake Fell from Thorlaby
Great Shunner Fell                Public transport ticket
Middleham to Aysgarth                Public transport ticket
Pen Hill Circuit                Public transport ticket
Semerwater walk in Raydale
Lower Wensleydale Walks
Caldberg and Witton Moors
Masham to Druids' Temple     
Preston, Redmire and Grinton Moors     
West Tanfield Circular Walk and the Marmion Tower                   

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