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Christmas Gift Ideas For Hikers

Here are some inexpensive Christmas gift/stocking filler ideas for hiker, things which are invaluable in a rucksack. Click on the images for more information.

Rucksacks are not normally waterproof. To keep clothing etc dry, a rucksack liner is needed.

From 2.69

For a comfortable sandwich stop, a sit-mat is invaluable. They protect from dampness and insulate you from cold surfaces. Made from lightweight foam, they weigh next to nothing. I would not be without mine, exactly like this one.

From 1.40

Emergency whistles, the internationally recognised way for hikers to attract attention when in difficulty/injured. OK, these days, most might opt for a mobile phone but there are many places where there is no signal, and/or batteries run out. The International distress signal is 6 blasts repeated with an interval of one minute between each series of 6 blasts. If your whistles are heard, you should hear three whistles in reply.

From 1.39

In addition to helping you see your way if you get caught out in the dark, at torch can be used to summon assistance at night and indicate your location, using the same signalling frequency as for whistles. If you know you are going to be walking in the dark, a head torch is better but in emergencies, one like this will help.

From 7.50

Head torches - see above. Also, more useful if camping as they leave your hands free.

From 5.99

Inevitably when out walking, sooner or later we all have at least a minor injury such as a cut from barbed wire or a scrape on a sharp rock. A small first aid kit such as this is invaluable in these circumstances.

From 6.99

Ordnance Survey maps are generally recognised as the best in the world. For anyone hiking in the UK, the 1:25000 scale Explorer and Outdoor Leisure series are a rich source of information, showing not just footpaths but also field boundaries, which are very useful in working out where you are and a whole host of other information. Combined with a compass, they are an invaluable means of navigating.

From 5.40

There is nothing worse when out hiking than a soggy map. It becomes very fragile and rips easilty and if there is a wind blowing. It can be shredded in minutes. The answer is a transparent map case such as this. It is also useful because an Ordnance Survey map is quite large untamable beast is a wind. In a map case, you can keep it folded to the section you need.

From 3.95

In conjunction with a map, a compass is regarded as an essential navigation tool either for use on its own or as a back-up to electronic devices which can run out of battery power. There have been many cases where mountain rescue teams have had to be called out because walkers have tried to rely on electronics but not had the basic tools as back up. Silva are probably the most recognised brand.

From 9.99

A potential life saver out on the fells is the ability to use a map and compass and map reading itself also enables new walking outings to be devised. This book will provide the necessary knowledge.

From 10.76

It is essential to keep hydrated when out walking, even in winter and the best liquid for this is water! There are lots of different types of drinks bottles but I prefer the metal sort because they are more robust, even if they get a bit dented and it avoids using plastic. Certainly, no-one should be buying bottles of water from the supermarket when we all have taps!

From 5.75

For a host of other ideas across all walking items, see the Hiking Store


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