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Cessation of Ordnance Survey Dynamic maps on Happyhiker.co.uk

Since I started this site, all my walks have been accompanied by a link to what I call a "dynamic OS Map", meaning that the route can be seen on a 1:50000 scale Ordnance Survey Landranger map, which can be moved about and zoomed, This facility takes advantage of the Ordnance Survey Open Space facility, which is straightforward to use. It needs to be because I am no IT expert!

Regrettably Ordnance Survey have advised that this facility is to be retired from Autumn 2021. So far, as far as I can see, the replacement system Open Data will not provide the same 1:50000 maps. Additionally, I find the new system unintelligible, though that is probably down to my technical ignorance.

I have been in communication with Ordnance Survey but so far they have not so far been able to provide me with any useful information that I can comprehend and I am hoping for some more direct discussions. However at this stage, it looks very much as though this facility on my walks will cease in Autumn 2021.

The sketch maps I draw will enable you to work out the route on OS maps or if I come across anywhere where you can download the .gpx files on each walk to OS maps, I will advise. However, I believe many other sites use the same Open Space facility.

I have not investigated any alternatives to Ordnance Survey maps but as there are over 300 walks on my site, having to redraw them all is probably a task too far. In any case, users of my site are unlikely to find trying to relate alternatives to OS maps particularly helpful.



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