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 Advertising on Happy Hiker

Before emailing requesting to advertise, please read all the following.

1) Economic rates, only £30 per annum. except for the top visited premium pages - see table below. "No longer  available" indicates the space has already been purchased - only one banner/block advert accepted per page.

Cost to Advertise for 12 Months (£) on Individual Pages

Top Visited Pages, 12 months to
31 March 2017

(Descending Order)

No longer available Home Page
100 Kinder Scout (walk)
No longer available My Walks
No longer available Lanzarote Walks
80 Pendle Hill from Barley (walk)
No longer available Gordale Scar and Malham Cove (walk)
60 The Cheviot
60 Yorkshire Dales Walks
50 Bronte Waterfalls and Top Withens
50 Scafell Pike from Wasdale Head (walk)
No longer available Ingleborough from Clapham (walk)
40 Long Mynd
30 Cost for any other pages

2) The number of visitors to the site currently exceeds 50,000 per month, according to visitor statistics from my web host 1&1. These visitors are uniquely identified on the basis of the IP address and the browser ID. If a visitor goes to the website more than once a day, only one visitor is counted.

Page impressions are around double that number. For page inpressions, only pages that contain text and were fully loaded are counted. Impressions of linked images, videos or other elements (such as scripts or style sheets) are not counted.

3) Adverts will be accepted providing they have some relevance to the general content of this site – such as hiking, activity holidays, outdoor equipment, outdoor equipment/clothing suppliers etc, a geographical relevance to an area/walk route - such as tourist attraction, pub, cafe etc or any miscellaneous subject which I think visitors to this site might find of interest.

4) I specifically do not accept advertising which relates to:

  • “Adult content”

  • Gambling

  • Religion

  • Payday Loans

  • Anything else I consider unsuitable/irrelevant.

I also do not accept promotional articles or review products.

5) The intention is that this site will not become swamped with adverts so I accept only one advert per page, as a banner or block, on a first come first served basis. When expressing interest, please say exactly what the product is and specify the URL to which the advert will be linked.

6) To avoid disappointment, please note emails with vague comments such as “The link would point to a page on a website that is relevant to your page” and/or which are not specific as to products/links will be deleted without response.

7) Banners can be up to 500 pixels wide x 100 high and be centrally placed horizontally. Block adverts up to 200 pixels x  200 pixels, left, central or right as shown below. Only non-animated, silent adverts accepted. If you do not have an available graphic, I will put something together based on your website at no extra charge. Precise position of adverts will be confirmed by obtaining your approval to a screen image before invoicing.

8) Adverts placed on individual walk pages will be replicated on the equivalent PDF sheet for that walk.

9) Payment is accepted by BACS/IBAN (preferred), cheque or Paypal.

10) Text adverts can be listed under the relevant category on the "Links" pages if preferred.

11) Please note I do not offer "one-time payment" fee options. The reason is that unfortunately, companies do go bust, or change their web addresses, without notification. This would eventually resuit in moribund links. This is difficult to monitor. Also, regular reviews provide an opportunity for advertisers to assess whether  adverts are productive. This arrangement also protects advertisers in the unlikely event of anything untoward befalling happyhiker.co.uk!

12) To advertise, email:

(note you will need to type the email address as this is an image to avoid spam)

To advertise Accommodation go to the How to Advertise Accommodation page.

Example of Banner Format 500 x 100 pixels


Block adverts 200 x 200 pixels can be positioned here on a page

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All information on this site is given in good faith and no liability is accepted in respect of any damage, loss or injury which might result from acting on it.